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What and for whom the medical dictionary is designed on the Internet?

The medical dictionary on the Internet is primarily intended for patients and medical professionals who want to be informed about the different medical terms. This is done not in Chinese trade, but in a colloquial language understandable to all. You find all relevant medical terms are explained extensively. After a doctor visit, you can make smart about the technical terms which may be raised in relation to your illness, in this medical dictionary on the web. Nothing is better than an informed patient who learns to be able to cope better with his illness. Before your next doctor visit, you can get the medical dictionary on the web knowledge, which means the disease, what triggers they had and what treatment options there are. By the way, you will also find many explanations and first-aid measures for childhood diseases, accidents in the home (swallowing small parts, treatment of injuries).

How do you deal with the newly acquired knowledge?

This is of course only one up to you. Perhaps you could before the next doctor's visit more key points, what you want to ask your doctor everything. In the U1-J1 studies of children, you can learn better and also read previously, terms that have mentioned your pediatrician again later. In many cases, it is also true that doctors know about the latest treatment options still do not know and only with the informed patient will be notified. This has mostly to do with medical research. Each patient is informed, of course, continuously on new treatments for his illness, a doctor alone can not afford all this if he was not on the latest conference.

Further Notes for Visitors

More and more dictionaries on the web

It was fortunate that it is becoming more extensive and well-written Nachschlageseiten on the Internet. Scientists, teachers, hobbyists, like many people who are alone on their experience and contribute their knowledge treasure knowledge, contribute to that knowledge grows from more and more curious Internet users.

Biology Dictionary for Internet users interested in biological

Now there is also of biological knowledge greatly interested in biology dictionary. This special lexicon biology, first emerged from a completely private initiative of a teacher. Today it is involved in its preparation and development, a broad circle of specialists and amateur researchers. It is in all matters relating to botany and zoology help relate. In the lexicon there are explanations of technical terms. Biologically relevant questions of the human body, its functions, sexuality and of being together and living together of people are answered here technically able. Similarly, questions of hygiene and food control will be discussed in detail here. Additions are especially welcome, as well as on Wikipedia. They are checked by the operators and then also put into the lexicon. In surf tips can be found especially interesting or ordered by theme. The biology dictionary is used by an ever widening circle of interested you. In the lexicon biology, there are also free help for students of biology for biology teaching, high school preparation and distance learning.

Many companies and organizations from the research to use the dictionaries. But it's faster with the chemical lexicon on the web. From many disciplines, the most diverse areas of chemistry, you will find explanations and research findings. The individual elements are explained as well as analytical techniques from diverse areas of chemistry. A chemical dictionary on the Internet ersparrt the long leaves in books, is simple and very informative. If you want to quickly find something, or just want to get only information that you are there do well.

A good chemistry lexicon includes the Internet for example; The Periodic Table (the most important basic knowledge of chemistry), the elements of chemistry (in alphabetical order) but also significant chemist. Of chemists from the 16th Century until 21 Jh for Chemistry Nobel Laureates to be mentioned by name and saying Biografieen explained. Different analytical methods such as biochemical detection reaction to the spectroscopy enrich the Encyclopedia of Chemistry on the Internet, as well as information from the fields of biogeochemistry, the electric chemistry, organic chemistry, nuclear chemistry and theoretical chemistry and many other areas, as well as from environmental chemistry, which today is very important, there are interesting articles and statements. Furthermore, we find a molar mass calculator and a units calculator. A list of chemicals in alphabetical order makes it easier to find. Drugs such as ambroxol and quinine, can be found just as well with reactions (Adol reaction to Zigler-Ruggli dilution). A detailed list of everything available in the Internet Encyclopedia of Chemistry.

We hope you enjoy yourself while browsing the bases and wish you a pleasant time on the side of LSBC.

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